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FourStar Beef and Onion Pie

Nick from Pukekohe says, 'You've got to try this'. Economical meat cuts like chuck steak are just perfect for this recipe.

FourStar Bacon and Egg Pie

Stu sent this one in ... the pastry is easy and the pie delicious!

FourStar Beer Batter

Noel may have sent in the easiest recipe ever.

FourStar Blue Cheese and Bacon Tart

Tried these last weekend. What a winner! perfect with a Monteiths Golden in front of the rugby.

FourStar Bread and Butter Bake

Feeds about 4 and full of bacon and egg.

FourStar Cheese Mini-Muffins

Try switching out some of the cheese and using bacon or smoked salmon. uaranteed winner!

FourStar Cheese and Onion Pie

Thanks to Pete in Oakura. The beauty of this is it's not out of a pie tin giving it the real "Blokey" image.

FourStar Cheese Scones

The key here is to think of the best bits of Angelina Jolie when the word 'gently' appears. Don't be too rough.

FourStar Cheese Scones 2

Steve says this is 'the best ever'. The key is - don't over mix!

ThreeStar Chicken Cottage Pie

This is a cool new take on good old cottage pie (or shepherds pie). Thanks to Gina.

FourStar Easy Peasy Pie

Brad takes this one into work and they love it! And he's such a Bloke that he even got his Missus to type it up and send it in.

FourStar Feta and Mushroom Pie

Spuds, eggs, cheese and butter ... Mmmmmmm. Sent in by Rod from Hamilton.

FourStar Parsley Dumplings

An alternative to spuds with your casserole. Sent in by Stu.

FourStar Savoury Muffins

Submitted by Barry. These rock big time. Perfect with a morning cuppa.

TwoStar Short Crust Pastry

Quick and easy. This is the savoury version for your quiche or pie. Damn it's good!

FourStar Smoked Tuna Bread Cases

Jeffro sent this simple snack to impress female visitors or fill the boys up when drinking so they don't get too hammered