Icings and Sauces

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FourStar Chocolate Icing

I don't like it to be too dark and bitter. This icing is like delicious milk chocolate.

FourStar Cream Cheese Icing

Standard for carrot cake. You gotta love something that makes cream cheese edible.

FourStar Lemon or Orange Icing

Essentially this is vanilla icing minus the vanilla and plus the citrus.

FourStar Tangy Butter Icing

Try as an alternative to cream cheese icing on a carrot cake.

FourStar Vanilla Icing

Your basic, get started, goes on anything icing.

FourStar Warm Spinach Dip

Stu reckons this ain't great for the waistline - but is bloody beautiful. Nice Blokey serving suggestion too!

FourStar Whisky Sauce

Sent in by Paul.

FourStar White Sauce

Sent in by the Captain.