Desserts and Tarts

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FourStar 1 Ingredient Ice Cream

This is almost too good to be believed. Rich, creamy and delicious, it's also fat-free, dairy-free, and has no added sugar!
Best of all ... it only takes one ingredient to make.

FiveStar Apple and Cinnamon Toastie

I heard this one on the Breeze and it sounded so good I had to try it. You need a toasted sandwich maker.

FourStar Apple Tart

Makes 4 mini tarts or one big one.

FiveStar Apple Walnut Crumble

Spicy, delicious, full of fruit and great with icecream. I LOVE THIS!

FourStar Baked Chocolate Pudding

There's no more blokey dessert. Self service, do it yourself and now self saucing.

FourStar Blueberry Pancakes

Americana style pancakes full of delicious blueberries. Stunning with Maple syrup.

FiveStar Bob's Apple and Blackberry Sponge

This simple pudding based on a universal sponge recipe always impresses and tastes great.

FourStar Bourbon Chocolate Truffles

Brogan's '2 beer' recipe.

FiveStar Bread Pudding

Tasty and creamy and not too rich. Enough for a family of four asuming dad doesn't scarf it all down himself.

FourStar Buttermilk Pancakes

These gluten free treats were submitted by Nige.

FourStar Caramel Apple pie

It's a three in one clafouti, pie, tarte tatin and it's a stunner. Soooooooo good right out of the oven, but also nice reheated later. Looks like a lot of ingredients, but they go together easily.

FiveStar Chocolate Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding with Chocolate. Ooooooh, this is GOOD!

FourStar Chocolate Cheese Cake

No baking required. From Vicki in Stewart Island. Great instructions!

ThreeStar Chocolate Crepes

A twist on traditional plain crepes ... and one that the kids and Mum love.

FourStar Chocolate Mousse

For something so incredibly easy, this looks fancy and will impress your mates.

FourStar Chocolate Steamed Pudding

Easy, cheap and fast. Most blokes can relate to that, right?

FourStar Cookie Coffee Dessert

A super-quick dessert that tastes like tiramisu, but without all the hassle.

FourStar Crème Patisserie

The perfect filling for tasty fruit tarts or pies. Sweet custardy heaven.

FourStar Deep Fried Mars Bars

NOT for the health conscious. Deeeeeliscious.

FourStar Easy Apple Tart

An upside down tart. Nice and easy.

FourStar Gluten Free Crumpets

Nige says the kids will love 'em and they're ok for the wheat free folk too.

FiveStar Golden Syrup Dumplings

Are you bloody joking? These things are richer than Donald trump ... sweet and syrupy.

FourStar Lemon Cheesecake

Smooth delicious topping and great chocolate fudge base.

FiveStar Moro and Pistachio Baskets

They look like wontons and taste like nutty chocolate! Really impressive considering how easy they are.

FourStar Pancakes (French style)

The challenge here is to get the pancakes as thin as possible. Makes about 8 good sized crepes.

FourStar Pavlova

The greatest of kiwi institutions along with rugby and number 8 wire.

FourStar Raisin Pudding

One of Annabelle White's creations. This recipe can be halved to make a smaller pudding.

ThreeStar Spiff Pudding

This is Ian's Chocolate Pud recipe.

FourStar Short Crust Pastry

Quick and easy. This is the sweet short crust. Great for any pie or tart!

FiveStar Sweet Berry Pizza

Looks like a pizza, tastes like berry tart! Very cool and so, so good.

FourStar Toblerone Mousse

Holy %$#@!! You want a way to finish off dinner perfectly? This is it.