Cakes and Muffins

Check the rating and get stuck in or upload a Cake or Muffin recipe by emailing it to us here.

FourStar Almond Chocolate Whisky Cake

Brendan sent this one in from the City of Sales.

FourStar Apple and Sultana Muffins

Get these in the oven before the game starts. Easy.

FourStar Banana Cake 1

Your traditional banana cake with lashings of butter. Try some cinamon too if you want to snazz it up a bit.

FourStar Banana Cake 2 (oil)

Sent in anonymously by a joker at Resene. No butter in this one - it makes a nice moist cake. And we all love moist!

FourStar Banana Choc Chip Muffins

I found this recipe in the wife's handwritten recipe box while looking for cash. Makes about 12 large muffins.

FourStar Barry's Simple Fruit Cake

Barry says, "This is so easy". 4 ingredients, 3 steps. We doubt there's much around that's easier.

FourStar Blueberry Muffins

Neil made these as wee gems and they came out perfect. Good on ya Neil.

FourStar Boiled Sultana Cake

Okay - you need to prep for this by boiling some fruit, but just for ten minutes and after that it's easy.

FourStar Bourbon Chocolate Mud Cake

For real chocolate lovers - RICH! Sent in by Brogan.

FourStar Cake In a Mug

A quick snack for the Bloke on the go. Sent in by Stu, pics from John.

FourStar Carrot and Zucchini Cake

Brendan sent this in and says: 'If you like carrot cake, you'll love this one.'

FourStar Chocolate Cake

Helen says this is "large, light and spongy" which sounds a bit like John Daly without the added alcohol.

FourStar Chocolate Muffins

Get out the electric beater or mixer - makes 12 medium muffins.

FourStar Christmas Mince Muffins

No mucking around with pastry - this is easy and tastes Christmassy good!

FourStar Cinnamon Cake

Les sent this cinnamon lover's dream. Looks absolutely delicious.

FourStar Coconut Cake

Mike says this is so easy the kids could make it!

FourStar Coffee and Walnut Muffins

Sent in by Blokette, Mary. Makes 12 standard size muffins.

FourStar Cup Cakes

If you have a kids birthday coming up (doesn't there always seem to be a kids birthday somewhere) - then these things will be huge.

FourStar Dark Beer Cake

Thanks to Linda in Bulls. Girls can bake with beer too!

FourStar Date and Orange Scones

A little ripper sent in by Craig.

FourStar Decadent Chocolate Cake

Remember the 5 Ps and you can't go wrong: Prior Preparation Prevents Pisspoor Performance.

FourStar Eggless Fruit Cake

Ken reckons this is dead easy. And it doesn't contain eggs. Why the hell that matters is anyone's guess.

FiveStar Fruit Buttermilk Scones

These scones are moist, light and delicious. Sent in by honourary Bloke - TV chef Annabelle White.

FourStar Ginger Gems

With huge thanks to Mondo Cafe in Plimmerton. They kindly let us Blokes have their amazing recipe.

FourStar Lemon Madeira

This is me dear ol' Mam's recipe and it's dead easy. Lovely and lemony.

FourStar Lemon Muffins

This one needs a few lemons but it's worth it.

FourStar Madeira Cake

Baked by Michelle and decorated by Tim for a 3rd birthday party.

FiveStar Mini Chocolate Lamingtons

Maurice says: My kids love 'em and for the late night version ...

FiveStar Nana's Christmas Cake

This one comes from Nige in Wellington. He says it's a 'Cracker'!

FiveStar Orange Cake

You'll need a food processor for this one. Yes - power tools! Colin sent this in.

FourStar Parsnip Cake

Yeah that's right - parsnip. But don't get your jocks in a knot - it's good.

FiveStar Peachy Lemon Cake

Lemon cake topped with peaches that is a killer dessert. LOVE IT!

FiveStar Plum and Yoghurt Cake

Use a 125g pot of plain yoghurt - or vanilla if you don't have any plain stuff

ThreeStar Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Muffins

Leith says this is easy and healthy. That's right - healthy.

FourStar Rock Cakes

Cakes that Rock! Thanks to Brogan.

FourStar Steve's Big Chocolate Cake

Bake in a roasting dish. Neil whipped up Ironman from this recipe (no mould used) for a 4 year old.

FourStar Steve's Carrot Cake

Steve's 'best carrot cake in the known universe' will amaze and astound.

FiveStar Sour Cream Banana Cake

Orlando's magic banana cake. He reckons it goes down a treat with the family!

FourStar Tea Cake

Bren from Ohaupo sent this one. It's possibly the easiest recipe we've ever seen.

FiveStar TLO Cake

TLO is not a 70's band ... but it is funkilicious! It stands for Tangy Lemon and Orange. Sent in by Darryl in Christchurch.

FiveStar Whisky Cake

Submitted by Paul - a good boozy cake.