Breads and Loaves

Check the rating and get stuck in or upload a Bread or Loaf recipe by emailing it to us here.  

FourStar Banana Loaf

A blokes take on an Annabelle White recipe. Youi can chuck nuts in if you want.

FourStar Banana and Walnut Loaf

Trev sent this in. Freezes well and great with a bit of butter slapped on a thick slice.

ThreeStar Basic Bread

Sent in by David, who's been baking bread since Adam was a cowboy.

FourStar Beer Bread

Submitted by Trev. This is easy and tastes so good. Great toasted.

FourStar Beer Scones

Use beer or swap it for lemonade or even ginger beer.

FourStar Chelsea Buns

This one's for the more advanced bakers, but man you're gonna love it. Sent in by Steve in the UK.

FourStar Choc Coconut Loaf

Kylie says her husband loves this loaf. Moist and full flavoured.

FourStar Feijoa Loaf

This is an old favorite from Evan. He says: 'I think it may even have come on a loaf tin I bought as a kid.' Thanks mate!

ThreeStar Herb and Garlic Bread

Very quick and easy. Thanks to Steve in the UK.

FourStar Jewelled Fruit Loaf

Steve in the UK says this makes a perfect Christmas gift for the Mother-in-Law. Keeps in an airtight container for up to three weeks. The loaf, that is, not the Mother-in-Law.

FourStar Joel's White Bread

Joel reckon's this is his favorite. Makes a large loaf.

FourStar Mocha Loaf

All the major food groups - coffee, chocolate, sugar and bread contained in one handy loaf. Thanks to Steve in the UK.

FiveStar Oaty Breakfast Loaf

Scooie sent this in. Easy and 'relatively healthy'. Genius.

FourStar Orange Loaf

So you've got a loaf tin and an orange and you've been standing there like a Pommy outside back wondering what the hell to do?

ThreeStar Orange Chocolate Loaf

A combo of a couple of other great recipes. Looks and tastes brilliant.

FourStar Pizza Dough

Mmmm - Pizza. This dough is quicker and easier than most. Submitted by Brogan.

FourStar Spicy Pineapple-Zucchini Bread

Jeff sent this in from the US of A. Who'd have thunk that Pineapple and Zucchini would work together.

FiveStar Super Easy Fruit Loaf

Max reckons this lives up to it's name. Chuck it all in one bowl.