Biscuits and Slices

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FourStar Afghans

With Muesli! Sent in by a former orchard hand up north. Thanks Mum.

FourStar Afghonuts

Afhans with coconut in them. Ingenious, even if I do say so myself!

FourStar ANZAC Biscuits

The ANZAC's of WW1 and WW2 were real Blokes! These have been updated a little ... much like the modern ANZAC they have extra gear but maintain the manliness of the original.

FourStar ANZAC Blondies

David G says: 'Got this recipe out of a newspaper a while back. Goes down a treat at home.'

FourStar Belgian Biscuits

Karl says he found this recipe in a womens mag that his wife (not him) bought.

FourStar Best Brownie Ever

Sent in by Greg. 'Best ever' is a big call ... give it a shot.

FourStar Best Choc Chips Ever

Chocolate chips, coconut, condensed milk. The Government will start taxing these soon.

FourStar Bish's Mud Cake Brownies

Obviously sent in by Bish. Marshmellows optional.

FourStar Brogan's Chocolate Slice

A quick simple 'chuck it together and your done' slice thats sure to impress the wife.

FourStar Brownies

Dave the Scotsman knows a good brownie when he sees one.

FourStar Chewy Choc Chip

Mat sent this one. Reckons all the food groups are covered.

FourStar Chocolate Chips

This is quicker than Winston Peters and easier than Britney Spears. Great beginner recipe.

FourStar Chocolate Shortbread

The wife loves this stuff. You can freeze it, but it never lasts long enough in our house to warrant that.

FourStar Cinnamon Pinwheel Cookies

This one's an absolute hero and nowhere near as hard as it seems. Get the rolling pin out.

FourStar Citrus Shortbread Slice

Thanks to Maurice here's a way to make shortbread even better; a cirtus tang!

FourStar Coconut Sultana Cookies

Thanks Janet. Crisp outside, delicious inside and so moreish!

FourStar Coffee Slice

Baz says this is 'real good with a flat white or short black....well any decent coffee actually.'

FourStar Cookie Time Cookies

This one's from Kaye who says they're a BIG fave with the family.

FourStar Devine Slice

This freezes well, but doesn't last long in hot weather. It shouldn't last long in any weather!

FourStar Fart Bars

AKA Puffed wheat squares. Carbs, fibre and sugar - a potent combination. Submitted by Kerry.

FiveStar Fruit Slice

It's full of fruit and nuts so you can feel good about eating it. Submitted by Leith.

FourStar Fudge Cake

If you're feeling some pent up frustration, this is the one's for you. An old family recipe.

FourStar Giant Ginger Cookies

Sent in by baking legend Brendan. A Christmassy treat. Makes 12 BIG cookies.

FiveStar Gingerbread Blokes

After a bit of mucking around this one was the best recipe I could find.

FiveStar Gingernuts

Doug's famous for his gingernuts. These ones come out even better than the bought variety

FourStar Ginger Crunch

A Blokey interpretation of a great Alison Holst recipe. Sweet and very gingery.

FiveStar Gluten Free Choc Brownie

Don't let the 'no wheat' thing fool ya. Andy says:"this is the best chocolate brownie ever, trust me, the womenfolk love it."

FourStar Hokey Pokey Biscuits

Talk about your bloody Kiwiana classic. This was sent in by a sheila named Jude. Good on ya Jude.

FourStar Joan's Peanut Slice

Graeme tried this Annabelle White recipe and loved it! Keep it in the fridge.

FiveStar Lemon Louise Slice

Louise cake meets lemon merangue pie in this stroke of light, delightful genius.

FourStar Lemon Slice

Not overly sweet or sickly. The lemon flavour is in the thick base as well as the icing. It's lemony fresh!

FiveStar Lolly Cake

Joel sent this in. Quick and simple and tasty.

FourStar Louise Slice

Jeez Louise. This is easier than you think and tastier than is humanly possible.

FiveStar Mars Bar Bubble Slice

Your kids will bloody love this. In fact - you'll love it and the kids will be lucky to get a look in.

FiveStar Marshmallow Square

This is an award winner - literally. James from Stratus won their blokes bake-off with this little ripper. Good on ya James!

ThreeStar Milo Square

It seriously doesn't get a lot easier than this. And Milo has the heart tick.

OneStar Monte Carlo Kisses

Kaye sent this one in. Class with capital K.

FourStar Shortbread

Our Northland contributor reckons this is the best and easiest way to make it.

FourStar Tan Square

This is one that good old Ma used to whip up for us. It's pretty easy and by God it tastes fantastic.

ThreeStar The Mutts Nuts Choc Brownie

Kester says: 'This keeps the missus sweet, hope it works for you.'

FourStar Weetbix Slice

Not only tastes good - it's good for you ... thanks Paul.

FourStar White Christmas

Possibly the easiest recipe ever, sent by a sheila named Shirley.